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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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Sue Horner

Actually, there are two answers - yes, teach others as you said. But you really should also SAY thank you! I don't know if I ever truly thanked my grade 7 teacher, who was also the school librarian and gave me first pick at books she knew I would like. To this day I am an avid reader.


Sue, you are totally right, saying it is the very first step.

tom dicks

the rest of the saying is if you can read in english thank a MARINE

Suzanne Garvey

Tom - that's so American. The language is irrelevant - the communication is what matters


Thank you for taking time to teach us this. This pay it forward approach is congruent with my world view as well. Your post stimulated and stretched my perspective. THANK YOU Ralf Scwartz!

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